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Foxfinder - Fascinating dystopian entertainment

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Imagine a word where the climate is in upheaval, the weather is completely unpredictable, and the human race is hanging on, only just surviving thanks to farming. But at the same time, for a reason we never learn, foxes seem to be the culprits, and they're being blamed for threatening the future of the human race. Against this strange landscape sit the Foxfinders, people who are trained from childhood in a monastic-like setting to hate, fear and pursue foxes. But are the animals really to blame or is it the human race at it again, passively accepting the myths we're fed without question?

When the Foxfinder William Bloor arrives at Samuel and Judith Covey's farm to investigate a suspected fox contamination, his actions have totally unexpected consequences that change everyone's lives completely, for good. If you're aged fourteen or more you'll appreciate its quirky fascination. No wonder the playwright was awarded Most Promising Playwright at the Off West End Theatre Awards in 2012, and no wonder her growing portfolio of work attracts such a lot of interest. Don't miss this uniquely strange, exciting, thought-provoking and highly unusual play.