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Ambassadors Theatre Seating Plan

Ambassadors Theatre seating plan

The Ambassadors was designed by the well-known theatre architect WGR Sprague and is one of the smallest West End theatres with just 418 seats. It has an intimate and private feel, allowing audiences to get up-close and personal with the action on stage. Split across just two levels, the stalls and circle, it's a hidden gem of a playhouse and there's never a bad seat in the house!

The stalls

Because of the small auditorium you never feel very far away from the stage, even right at the very back of the stalls, and there are no visual obstructions like pillars to disrupt your view. The top tip here is to avoid the first two or three rows in the stalls since the height of the stage can obscure your stage views. Plus, the seats in the last four rows of the stalls are very slightly affected by the overhang of the circle above.

The circle

The circle is in two sections, one at the front and one at the back, divided by a central aisle. The front seats follow the curve of the balcony but it isn't an extreme curve and shouldn’t affect your view of the stage. Our top tip? The cheaper seats at the back of the circle actually offer a better view of the stage than the more expensive seats at the front. With a bit of luck you'll find premium seats at the front of the circle for less, reduced when they're not sold by the day of the performance.

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