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The Shark Is Broken - Inside the inside of Jaws!

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Saturday, 9 October 2021

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Sunday, 13 February 2022

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1 hour 10 minutes (No Interval)

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The Shark Is Broken

This brilliantly quirky comedy play was inspired by the movie Jaws, which fast became one of the greatest films of all time. Now it's coming to the West End. Co-writers Ian Shaw and Joseph Nixon have created a hilarious, very personal view of one of the most legendary moments in movie history, when the infamous shark breaks through the surface and scares the living daylights out of everyone. When alcohol and ambition get in the way of the filming, things go downhill fast. The end result is both extremely funny and movingly profound, typical of the great quality new drama that comes out of the Edinburgh Fringe year after year and a joy to see playing in the West End.

Ian Shaw didn't just co-write the play. He also portrays his own dad on stage, the brilliant Robert Shaw, top class British actor and creator of the awesome Jaws character 'Quint'. Guy Masterson directs the fun and your venue is the Ambassadors Theatre, opening up again post-covid to delight us with this fantastic comedy. Ian Shaw himself recalls, as a child, being scared witless by the film, unable to go swimming for along time afterwards. He wasn't the only one! Will you re-watch the movie before seeing the play?

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Young Couples:

An excellent show
Very cleverly done, superb acting
Neil, 08 Feb 2022
Character portrayal is great
I love Jaws the movie and the actors reflected their characters very well- however I felt it was 10 minutes too long.
Jane, 03 Feb 2022
A funny and engaging play
The set was really striking and the play was extremely witty and very well-acted. We’re so pleased we got to see it.
Elizabeth, 20 Jan 2022
I think the story was interesting take on how the actors we’re together in between scenes under different circumstance’s during filming. If you weren’t aware of the film and the stories behind it you probably wouldn’t have enjoyed it. I thought Ian shaw was excellent if is dad was looking down he would have been proud. The other actors were excellent as well. If your a jaws fan I would recommend watching it. But maybe do a bit of research first.
Matthew, 15 Jan 2022
Having grown up in Southern California around industry people, the behind the scenes stories were always the best. This show let's everyone in to that very private world of "behind the scenes".
Gary, 13 Jan 2022
I am an avid Jaws fan, I cannot count the number of times I’ve seen it so I knew anything relating to it would be up my street. Brilliantly acted by the 3 on stage, and Ian’s resemblance to his father as Quint is uncanny. An insightful and different perspective on this much loved film and I’d urge anyone who is familiar with Jaws to see it.
Carly, 08 Jan 2022
Beautifully written and acted.
Thoroughly enjoyed this original and inciteful play. It is so carefully observed and touching in its observation. The characterisation was enthralling. Shaw manages to keep the audience engaged in the hilarious and brutally honest exchanges on board the Orca. You don’t need to know the history behind this story but if you don’t you will definitely leave the performance wanting to know more. This is a masterpiece. I loved it.
Ann, 30 Dec 2021
Brilliantly funny
Absolutely brilliant show, very funny and Will Harrison-Wallace played a blinder as understudy to Ian Shaw in his absence. Highly recommend.
Julie, 05 Dec 2021
Clever well written storyline
I thought this play was excellent. how clever to come up with this idea. Actors were great and Ian Shaw's representation of Robert Shaw was excellent. It brought back memories of other times I had seen him in the past. Scenery was awesome.
Caroline, 26 Nov 2021
Really excellent play and superbly acted by the three leads
Tom, 22 Nov 2021
If you love Jaws you will love it
Ellie, 20 Nov 2021
Any jaws fan needs to see this
Kim, 20 Nov 2021
Nostalgic fun!
Good fun and great acting! If you’re a fan of the movie “Jaws”, this is a must see!!
Gabrielle, 18 Nov 2021
A must for all Jaws fans
Loved it. Acting excellent. Script funny. A must for Jaws fans young and old. I know it’s been said but as soon as Ian Shaw speaks you think of his father and you’re transported back to 1975. Well done
Lynn, 10 Nov 2021
A feast for theatre lovers
If you love theatre, and you love film, “The Shark is Broken” is, simply, flawless. Impeccable direction, performances and technologically perfect. An absolute treat from start to finish.
Fraser, 06 Nov 2021
Brilliantly excellent production
Michael, 04 Nov 2021
Standing ovation
As regular theatre/cinema attendees this show ticked all the boxes. We actually stood up to applaud…. A rare occurrence, Funny, interesting and attention grabbing. The actors were superb. Actually going to get a group of friends together to go see this. Best thing we have seen in ages
Marie, 01 Nov 2021
Good, fun.
Didn't know what to expect, fun fast moving, and Shaw would make his dad so proud I'm sure.
angelo, 30 Oct 2021
Just see if your 40 ish
It was insightful, funny and great to watch ,engaging and entertaining. We went to our hotel and watched the movie
MARTIN, 30 Oct 2021
Love jaws love this
A fantastic play. Superb cast superb writing superb set.
Adrian, 26 Oct 2021
A must see for jaws fans.
Brilliant story ,acting and casting , ian shaw is sensational as his dad. The two supporting actors are excellent as well . A great afternoon( we went to the matinee) was had by all.
Michael, 22 Oct 2021
Came across the show whilst looking for something different to see in the West End. Was not disappointed. Being a fan of Jaws I was intrigued to find how they would stage it and to see the dynamic between the three actors. I thought I was watching Robert Shaw. Excellent show. Would go again.
Mike, 20 Oct 2021
A worthwhile visit!
Very efficient informative staff ensuring we had a relatively strews free entry and seating in the theatre. Fantastic production with top notch believable actors holding our attention through comedy and drama for the whole 1.30 hrs. Thoroughly recommend it.
nicola, 19 Oct 2021